Junkyard Outtake: Let’s Play Wheel Of Fortune!

The CC version of Wheel Of Fortune differs from the real game show mainly in that there is no prize except for bragging rights.  But keep in mind nobody likes a braggart, not even Vanna, who we don’t have either.  Our version of the game is simple and requires no reading, writing, or ‘rithmetic skills:  Just guess (or know) the wheel pictured here and hopefully be able to back it up with some sort of documentation if need be, others will surely help too if your guess is compelling enough.  I have no idea what this wheel is, it only struck me as extremely curious as it was welded to another wheel to make a junkyard stand and I had assumed it was all alloy, not steel.  UPDATE: It’s been solved and is in the comments, but give it your best guess/shot before you scroll down…

The “spokes” have a thin aluminum applique, here is a closeup of one that I peeled/bent back a bit if that helps. Or perhaps it just thickens the plot.

And as a small aside for those wondering how this kind of stand works, here’s a random example under the rear quarter of a Ford Expedition, they are plenty strong and stable so that most anyone at the junkyard is comfortable crawling under a vehicle suspended in such a way.  Well, usually after giving the vehicle above a bit of a shake just to be sure and throwing down a perfectly saleable pristine seatback cushion from something else into the mud first…Anyway, please submit your best guess as to what exactly the featured wheel came from and we will crowdsource the correct answer.