Junkyard Outtake: When Your Mercury Marquis Just Isn’t Big Enough


What do you do when your 1975 to 1978 Mercury Marquis just isn’t big enough to haul all the kids?  You get out the cutting saw and put another row of seats in it!

A google search for “Mercury six door limo” yields a lot of oddities, even a stretched AMC Ambassador wagon, but nothing about any Marquis like this.  Even variations of this search revealed nothing, so if you know anything about the history of such a Mercury, please speak up.

This was off in the corner of a salvage yard I drove by, leading me to suspect it isn’t being squashed–for the time being.  The two drag lines in the background were quite busy at the time I saw this.

Yes, I like big Ford’s and Mercury’s of this vintage, but this puppy would be hard to park in most garages and would need forty acres to turn around.  A CC on a normal Marquis of this vintage can be found here.