Neighbourhood Curbside Classics: Vancouver, Fairview Neighborhood

(*DISCLAIMER* There is no conspiracy against trucks in this article. I do hereby swear that there are lots of trucks in Canada.)

Like I said in my recent article about the cars in my neighbourhood, the climate in Vancouver is very mild, with very little road salt. That means there are just so many cool old cars around. The ones I am featuring today are all within a few blocks of where I live. Anyone who wants to know the location specifically can Google “Vancouver General Hospital.” I live two blocks south.

This little critter appears to me to be Gen 3 Civic, so circa 1987. It’s a local car used as a daily driver. It’s been parked in the same street for like fifteen years but not always in the same place, so she’s a daily driver for sure. These used to be  thick on the ground but there are plenty of succeeding generations around, too.

This 944 showed up only recently. By the looks of it the car is a 1985, so it’s thirty-six years old. It’s being used as a DD, too. I happened to speak briefly to the owner, who is a surgical resident at VGH. He said the upkeep is not easy but it’s a lot cheaper than a new Porsche. He has a good point. This is a survivor and it shows some wear, tear and rust.

This first generation Lexus LS 400 is in beautiful condition. I’ve always loved these cars and the styling is so timeless it looks as new today as it did in 1990. That’s pretty amazing in my opinion. I have always wanted one but the timing was never right.

This Nissan 300ZX seems to be a 1987 but correct me if I am wrong. It’s in beautiful condition and it is parked on the street with classic plates. Herein lies the problem with owing a classic in my neighbourhood: where are you going to park it? By the plastic on the T-tops it’s obvious they leak. The T-top was never a good idea at the best of times and in a place that rains as much as Vancouver, perhaps a solid roof would be easier to live with. It’s parked right ahead of our little Civic.

This 1990ish Tercel is a daily driver. They are famous for being tough as nails but they are getting a little rare now. This one is owned by a young man who sees it is an appliance in which to grow his safe driver discount.

This looks to be a 1990 Honda Prelude and other than the flaking on the wheels, it’s in superb condition. The owner is a young gent who recently opened his own barber shop and didn’t want to sink a lot of money into a car while his business grows. Smart guy!

This looks like it’s a 2000ish Saturn and it’s the last one I’ve seen in the city. My sister had one like this and after 140,000 km, the entire thing fell apart. It’s sad how Saturn ended up. The buildup was so hyped that I really thought a cool car was going to be offered. I test drove one and was shocked by how bad it was. The had good hotdogs, I am told.

So there ends my short curbside tour of my neighbourhood.