On-The-Go CC Outtake: White Truck Hauling A White White Truck, And More!

Finally, after clearing a traffic obstacle and moving right, I noticed an interesting sight.  Camera in hand, there was just enough time to snap a few photos before passing, as I did so I was wondering what exactly I had bagged.

Ooh, it’s a White truck!  In white.  Being towed by a white truck.  I know you all can tell me way more about this than I can tell you but it looks to still be in regular use.

Here’s a closer, perhaps too close, look.  Do those chains really look large enough to hold this?  They look a but wimpy now that I’m looking at them.

And if the white White’s not your thing, perhaps I can direct your attention to the little Nash riding point on the trailer….Somewhat ruined by whatever paper was on my dash but you can ignore that.

And if that also fails to excite you, at the same time I was being passed by an absolutely sublime little Karmann-Ghia on the left.  Although someone here will likely remark on the Dodge Caravan as well…