On-The-Go Outtake: 1983 Buick Electra Park Avenue – The Highlight Of 500 Miles Across Nebraska

1983 Buick Electra Park Avenue

Last weekend I had occasion to drive to Minnesota which means that crossing Nebraska is usually the quickest way to get there.  Nebraska, for those not in the know, is 500 miles across of not much to see when traversing it from west to east (or the other way) via the interstate.  I’m sure it’s a wonderful state and I love corn and beef as much as the next guy, but dairy, forest, and mountain country is usually prettier, at least in my own opinion.

On the flip side, driving across Nebraska is a pretty mindless affair for which cruise control, adaptive cruise control, autopilot and eventually teleporting were or will be invented.  So it leaves you plenty of time to pay attention to what else is on the road if in fact you’re still awake and paying attention at all.  And on that day the best thing I saw was what looked like an older farmer gent and his wife from Kansas in their glorious showroom condition 1983 Buick Electra Park Avenue in light green metallic paint with matching padded vinyl top.

1983 Buick Electra Park Avenue

It could well be a different model year than 1983, I don’t believe they changed much from about 1980-1984.  I think all 1984 Buicks got an Olympics sticker on the rear quarter window so that’s why I’m guessing 1983.  In any case the only engine options by then were the Olds 307 gasser or the 350 diesel, in prior years there was also a Buick 350 gas engine available.  There’s no diesel badge evident so probably the 307 here.

As maligned as that engine seems to be on this site, for this purpose it would appear just fine, the car was doing a pretty steady 75mph with presumably the air conditioning blowing cold from all the vents and the suspension softly cradling the occupants in their pillow soft 50/50 front seats that may or may not have had the optional leather.  Not a bad way to cross Nebraska.

Postscript:  Thankfully I didn’t see an eagle (edit: apparently it’s a hawk, not an eagle, I’m no birdman) like the one on the brochure approaching through my windshield, it would have scared the bejeezus out of me.  Even the cover car looks startled.  What was up with that, Buick?