On-The-Go Outtake: Living The Jeep Life…In A Volvo

Volvo 960 Jeep

I don’t know if this can be chalked up to the CC effect but shortly after reading Joseph Dennis’ Jeep CJ-7 piece earlier this week I came across this while turning onto College Avenue here in town.  Clearly made to be filed under the “Love The One You’re With” heading, this gentleman apparently wanted some of that open body Jeep magic, looked out at his Volvo 960 in the driveway, had someone hold his beer, and went to work.  It’s a college town with lots of students so there are plenty of Wranglers without doors in the summer, and usually a few Cherokees (XJ vintage) as well, but this is the first Volvo I’ve seen in such a way.

Perhaps the driver is an engineering student as the item formerly known as the door mirror seems to be securely taped to the fender and dashboard.  Safety first and all that.  With both front doors gone and the sunroof open but the back doors closed and the windows up, I wonder if it buffets enough to name the car Jimmy. 

Late-breaking update:  I saw it again just last night, now sans all the doors…fully Unlimited style.  I think he’s enjoying an ice cream cone when I zoom in.  Summer Nights!

Volvo 960