Photo Album Outtake: 1950 Nash Rambler Landau

Here’s another great find from my photo album scanning project, a 1950 Nash Rambler Landau—a two-door convertible on which the canvas top retracted from the windshield all the way to the rear deck, and was stowed in the trunk.

These were introduced in 1950 as a compact car to round out Nash’s offerings—the originally proposed name was Diplomat (to go along with Statesman and Ambassador), but Dodge had already reserved the name for a car under development. Nash instead went back to their roots and resurrected the Rambler name originally used both on a 1897 (!) prototype and the first production Nash from 1902.

The 173 cu in (2.8-liter) flathead six engine was peppy enough and could return up to 30 mpg fuel economy.