Road Trip Outtakes: 1964 Dodge Dart GT Convertible

By the time you read this, we’ll be well on our way home after staying with my wife’s folks in Idaho for a few days. I saw numerous CC opportunities, but usually while  riding shotgun in Dad’s car (far-off, blurry shots, in other words). Today, then, let’s return to Lynden, WA, for a closer look at a car I spotted parked on the main street in town.

One of my sources indicated these are often overlooked by restorers, and that the third-generation Dodge Dart line can actually offer some interesting opportunities. Today’s subject is a 1964 Dodge Dart GT convertible, one of 50,700 produced that year.

The single tailpipe may (or may not) indicate the standard 170 cu in (2.8-liter), 101-hp Slant Six powerplant. Other engine options included a 145-hp 225 cu in (3.7-liter) six and a compact, new-for-1964 273 cu in (4.5-liter) V8 with 180 hp. Nineteen sixty-four marked the last year for the pushbutton-control Torqueflite automatic transmission, with which our subject is equipped; three- and four-speed manual shifters were also available.

Other available options included power steering, air conditioning, push-button windshield washer, tinted glass, day/night rear view mirror, luggage rack, front and rear bumper guards, white sidewall tires and “Sure-Grip” differential. Apparently only one rear axle size (7.25″) was offered, regardless of the engine/transmission combination.

Features unique to the GT trim level included bucket seats, all-vinyl upholstery, full carpeting, front and rear armrests, deluxe wheel covers and a padded dash.

Although 1964 was also Dodge’s 50th anniversary—one source I referenced indicated all cars were marked as such, but didn’t specify in what way—I didn’t notice any special badging on the car.

I find this generation of Dart to be fresh and inviting… motoring around in the Pacific Northwest on a beautiful fall day like this one would be a real joy!