Road Trip Outtakes: A GM for Everyone

After spending a pleasant morning in De Smet, SD, we headed West again… Keeping my eyes peeled, I spotted this motley lineup and did a quick u-turn for a closer look.

Since I’m writing this and you’re not, I’ll skip the two newer Chevy pickups and go straight for the old iron… Just a simple, hardworking old truck.

But if you’ve got a growing family, perhaps something in the way of a station wagon might suit?

But of course, sir—I knew you were a connoisseur of fine motor cars the moment I saw you. Only something that says “sporty but stylish” will fit the bill, and this Pontiac with the Silver Streak 8 is just the thing.

That’s some mighty fine looking chrome on that beast.

Some nice accessories on this car, too.

Businessman Coupe, anyone? And is that a rear window wiper I see there?

So yes, I think we do indeed have something for everyone in our lineup today!