Road Trip Outtakes: 1967 Buick Skylark – Canada Dry

We were headed back toward the U.S. border after visiting friends in Merritt, Canada B.C., when I noticed an angular grille growing larger in my rear-view mirror…

Going by that same grille, I’m tagging this nice Skylark convertible as a 1967 model. I’m not aware of whether  Buick used special badging to indicate an engine upgrade, but if this car has the standard engine it’s most likely a 300 cu in (4.9-liter) V8. But it could well be the 340 cubic inch version too.

We played “tag” with this car for a good twenty or more miles while motoring through the hills and valleys of the lower BC wine country. The Skylark’s wallowy handling was very evident on the sharper curves.

What a beautiful day to enjoy vintage open-top motoring!