Road Trip Outtakes: Saturday Smorgasbord – Second Helping

Here’s another collection of singles and doubles for your enjoyment. Wonder what the story is behind this abandoned ’66 Dodge Dart? Out of gas, maybe?

I think this is a late Model T, but am not really sure. Does someone more familiar with early iron know? Here’s another view:

I wasn’t able to get a shot of the front grille, which would have helped. Maybe it’s a Chevrolet? Help me out here, commenters!

If this generation of Buick Roadmaster Estate weren’t getting so long in tooth, I think it would have made an excellent vehicular platform for our road trip.

I can’t tell you how many dozens hundreds of early-’60s pickups I saw abandoned in fields on our trip, including this GMC K Series…

This was one of my more fun finds—a ’77 or ’78 Plymouth Volaré Roadrunner. The girls eating lunch inside were amused that I wanted to take a photo of the car…

Given the dual exhaust pipes, throaty roar when they left and the FSTBIRD vanity plates, I’m guessing this car has a 318 under the hood. (ED: I’m guessing the 360, and jealous of this find: worthy of a proper CC).

You’ll want to click to embiggen this one—I was riding shotgun when I shot this and the next two photos of a couple of junkyards we passed. Would have loved to have had time to go exploring!

Love the Pacer…

Anyone want to take a crack at identifying all of these?