Small Town Discovery: Dodging Small Towns

Here’s a factoid for your enjoyment…the State of Missouri has 114 counties plus the City of St. Louis.  Having been lucky enough to have been to all but one of these counties, I have become quite familiar with the abundance of small towns within the state.

One of them is the little town of Wellsville.  This lead picture of an old style and newer style Dodge Ram pickup presented quite a contrast despite being from the same manufacturer and likely less than five years apart in age.

But it got better.

It’s no secret I am a huge fan of this generation of Dodge pickup; I once spent many words extolling their virtues.  This is a 1991 to 1993 model.  It is still reasonably solid but appears to have led a hard life.

But looking at this Dodge I saw something else parked on the street behind it.  Could it be?  Surely not.

Surely so.  This 1986 to 1990 Dodge is a 3/4 ton model, similar – though much nicer – to one I once owned.  I still miss that pickup – it was everything good and a bag of chips.

This Dodge really made my heart skip a beat.

It is no joke in saying Dodge pickups from around 1980 to 1993 are much more plentiful in these parts than are Ford and Chevrolet examples.  For Dodge production being a mere fraction of the other two, this survival rate demonstrates much about their intrinsic goodness.

But as I reached the end of the street about 150 feet away, the good got better.

This was parked near the intersection, waiting for me.  It’s a little bit older, having a grille of the 1980 to 1985 era, and there is a little corrosion around the rear fender wells.

Before I left town I saw two more old Dodge pickups of this long lived vintage.  Perhaps one day I will again own one of these fantastic old Dodge pickups.

I’ve been to Wellsville many times previously but this was the most memorable visit of them all.