Snowyside Outtake: Jaguar XJS Hess and Eisenhardt Convertible – “IV Sale”


As we’re fast approaching the official start of winter, the West Coast isn’t the only place getting an early taste of snow. I was out doing a few errands in the GLK yesterday morning when I saw this Jaguar XJS convertible – covered in the accumulating snow no less. And good news, it’s “IV Sale”!


Quarter-century year old Jaguars, at least running ones, aren’t commonly seen in New England. I’m not a Jaguar expert, but this one is a pre-1991 facelift model, making it a Hess & Eisenhardt conversion, as a factory XJS convertible wasn’t offered until 1992.


It’s hard to tell because of the snow, but the body appears to be in good condition. That said, I’m inclined to believe that this XJS isn’t in perfect mechanical condition. I can’t say if it’s because of the non-origninal wheels and hood ornament, or the unconventional sales advertising, but it’s just a hunch. Regardless, it’s the first car I’ve ever seen that’s “IV Sale”.