Through the JPC Windshield – Two Ways to Enjoy Your Classic MG

This is, of course, the traditional way to enjoy a British sports car.  The MGA is a fine way to go out on the open road with the sun on your neck and the wind in your hair.

The owner of this MG TC (I think) enjoys the safer way.  Is it to protect his investment in his classic British racing green roadster?

Or is he unwilling to take the risk that the MGA owner so willingly assumes: that his finely crafted sports car will find a way to become inoperable along the side of the road?

Both of these cars were recently seen through the JPC windshield in the last month or two.  The MGA during August on the outskirts of Indianapolis, and the TC a couple of weeks ago on US 41 on the way to Evansville, Indiana.  Fear not, both pictures were taken by either me or by Mrs. JPC while a passenger.

Not one to throw stones, but if it were me, I would follow the example of the MGA’s driver and drive the TC.  If it breaks down, you at least had the thrill of driving one of England’s great postwar tourers.  But if you cook the CVT in your Freestyle while pulling the TC on a trailer, well, that would be all the hassle, all (or more) of the expense, and none of the fun.  I would rather take my chances with the MG.