Passed On The Left: 1976 Saab 99GL – Quirky Like A Midsummer Night’s Dream

There are still a remarkable number of Saabs in and around Fort Collins, CO, likely to do with it being a college town, but 99’s are awfully rare these days.  I’ve spotted this one a couple of times heading the other way but never parked, and this time he was at least going in the same direction so I was able to snap a shot as he passed by.

A little rust around the rear fender (alright, so it’s pretty bad in that spot) but it’s still chugging along nicely.  As far as I can tell, the GL was introduced for ’76 and in ’77 got larger taillights so I am pegging this as a ’76.  Generally highly rated as a driver’s car, Saab as usual had designed a very safe and advanced vehicle with FWD, fuel injection, and numerous safety features.

99’s were also the last cars that Saab entered in rallying as a factory team, with a 1977 99EMS and a 1979 99Turbo notching wins with Stig Blomqvist at the wheel.  This GL still has the giant factory mudflaps behind all four wheels and the wheels themselves still sport the large metal hubcaps as well.  Hopefully I will catch up with it one day while it’s at rest but for now it’s always on the move.