CC Outtakes: 1988 Peugeot 405 GR And 1970 DAF Flatbed Truck – Among Other Things

1988 Peugeot and 1970 DAF

What an idyllic and ideal CC-setting this is. At first, I didn’t see anyone nearby the location, but the owner did spot me, when I was taking pictures of his rolling material. He obviously wasn’t too happy about that. But the air cleared in no time, after I explained what it was all about.

Around an hour and a half later I left, thanking the man for the photo-shoot and all the information and stories I got, almost too much to digest. Well that was a Monday afternoon well spent, for sure.

1988 Peugeot 405 - 1

Now then, let’s start with this fine-Pininfarina-design (and hello Alfa Romeo 164 and Peugeot 605). The mighty successful Peugeot 405, introduced in 1987.

1988 Peugeot 405 - 2

1988 Peugeot 405 - 3

To this day, more than 5.1 million of them have been produced. As a matter of fact, Azermash Khazar in Azerbaijan still builds the 405, marketed as the Peugeot Khazar 406. Truly amazing!

1988 Peugeot 405 - 4

The 1988 Peugeot has a valid APK on it, that’s our legally required, official safety and technical inspection.

1988 Peugeot 405 - 5

Recently, the owner has pulled the 1,580 cc, XU5 2C gasoline engine to give it a major overhaul (hence the car’s odd stance); the XU5 2C is a 92 DIN-hp, SOHC 8v four-cylinder with a two-barrel carb.

1970 DAF 4x2 truck - 1

Over to the Van Doorne brothers with a 1970 DAF 4×2 flatbed truck.

1970 DAF 4x2 truck - 2

This series of trucks and tractors was introduced in 1959, with an update in 1964, yet they were merely an evolution of the DAF cabovers as offered throughout the fifties.

1970 DAF 4x2 truck - 3

The sturdy old truck had its last ride around three years ago. The owner/operator told me the DAF is rated at a GVM of 13 metric tons (28,660 lbs) and that it’s powered by a 5.75 liter, naturally aspirated inline-six diesel engine.

All things combined, I’d say this is an A1600 DD-360. The letters DD refer to the DD 575 engine (DAF’s version of the Leyland O.350), 360 is the wheelbase in cm. Short wheelbase, short rear overhang: a typical chassis for a dump bed or concrete mixer unit.

1970 DAF 4x2 truck - 4

No worries, the batteries are stored in a safe place. Once installed, 24V for starting, 12V when rolling down the road. The truck began its working life as a container carrier, with a winch behind the cab.

1970 DAF 4x2 truck - 5

Nicknamed the Frog DAF, many of these survived thanks to their excellent build quality, ruggedness and simplicity. Large numbers have been restored over the past decades, but finding one in its original condition is more satisfying.

1970 DAF 4x2 truck - 6

I practically grew up in a cab like this, back in the early seventies. On Saturdays and during school holidays, anyway.

1970 DAF 4x2 truck - 7

A DAF type 1635 drive axle with the optional two-speed differential, rated at an axle load of 8,000 kg (17,637 lbs).

1970 DAF 4x2 truck - 8

There’s the gear stick for the five-speed transmission with the differential high/low splitter switch.

1970 DAF 4x2 truck - 9

Exactly how I remember it, there’s not much that can go kaput(t) in here. A perfect indoor playground it was.

A short ride in an as new 1964 DAF V1600 DD (V for 4×4 chassis). I vividly remember that relaxing, de-stressing idling sound of the engine.

MIAG forklift

Parked somewhat further down the levee’s side road, this MIAG forklift. I must admit I had never heard of the company before. Currently it’s known as MIAG Fahrzeugbau GmbH from Braunschweig, Germany. According to MIAG’s website, the company’s history can be traced back to 1846.

old vessels - river scenery

There was much more CC-worthy material in the background to explore. No road or sidewalk though. Too bad.

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