CC Outtakes: A Day at the Beach

Well we finally got enough sun here in Oregon to go to the beach a few weekends ago. As usual, there was a lovely assortment of cars driving about to take a few photos of.

Like this Toyota custom cab 4×4 with hang glider and Hummer H1.

And throw a nice Land Rover in for kicks.

But what’s this? A Toyota camper gunning it through the soft sand! Not exactly what you’d consider a beach vehicle.

If you had seen the access road, you would never believe how he got down it, let alone back up it!

But sadly not every rig at the beach is a Curbside Classic.

Of course there is always mine.

And there is always the beach!

And people doing things I would never do. Either in the water…

…or the air. And if they should need rescuing;

There is of course, a Curbside Classic close at hand. Well, until next time…