CC Outtakes: Go-Faster Rossa


I’ve finally managed to capture a clean image of this Alfa Romeo Montreal seen relatively often (ok, not that often) around the inner-southern suburbs of Melbourne. It’s almost orange, but red enough for me to use as the introductory image for a small selection of Italian exotics featuring that ingenious performance option: go-faster rossa.


This Dino GT is closer in hue to the ideal go-faster rossa. What a shape with nary a bad angle. That passenger door looks problematic; the shutline suggests it hasn’t been closed properly but I’d say – based on the gap – more likely sloppy door hanging. I do not believe that seven-letter word above the number plate is stock, nor is that chromed prancing horse.


Speaking of inappropriate rear appendages, here is a be-finned Lamborghini Countach in a deeper shade of rossa. My love for the early iterations of this shape remains undiminished but I simply cannot countenance those airfoils, regardless of how they may or may not improve this car’s roadholding capabilities.

Lucky owners one and all.

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