CC Outtakes: Polar Opposites In Polo

Those of you who frequently read CC may have noticed a lack of articles from me recently. Well, last week I took a few days off to go up to my folks’ cabin for a little R & R. No internet up there meant no writing – but that’s actually one of it’s pluses. On my way back home, I decided to take an alternate route. Lucky for you that I did, as I spotted a couple of neat cars in the small town of Polo, Illinois.

I was driving through town toward Dixon when I saw this rusty but complete ’76 Mark IV next to the highway. While totally over-the-top, I have a soft spot for these Marks, and this was a pretty unusual color combination. I believe it was called the Red/Rose luxury group, one of several offered on Mark IVs in ’76. This one is Rose Diamond Fire with a Dark Red landau roof and Dark Red side moldings. Certainly a nice find. But as I was looking around I saw another interesting old car further back. It was not a Detroit land yacht or anything approaching a Brougham-era luxury cruiser.

A Simca 1000, no less. Now, these things had to be scarce in rural Illinois when new, and I doubt there was a Simca dealer in nearby Oregon or Dixon, let alone a small town like Polo. That’s what made this find all the more amazing. It’s rusty around the edges, and I don’t think it’s a running vehicle, but the fact that it is still here in the metal is pretty impressive.

All in all, I’m pleased that my alternate route turned up these two very different cars. Which one do you like better?