CC Outtakes: Automotive Oddities of North Texas, Spring Edition

Ahh… The weather is warm, there’s a lovely breeze outside, and the Curbside Classics have come out of hibernation here in North Texas.

The first oddity is an International restomod found outside a local flooring store. If you look closely, the wheel caps are from a Ford van and glancing inside revealed the seats and dashboard from a Ford too. I’m not sure of the model, maybe a Curbivore could enlighten me in the comments?

This next one was found outside a gas station not a few blocks from my house. This 1966 Mustang is all original and still has its 200 I6 and three speed automatic. It’s the daily driver of a young man who works at a speed shop and has no intention of dropping in a V8. He likes it just the way it is and that makes my heart happy!

OwO What’s this? It’s a 1957 Chrysler New Yorker that just so happened to pull up right next to the Mustang! The owner and I had met at a local car show and this gave me the perfect chance to get some pictures while not surrounded by a crowd. Needless to say, I spent nearly an hour outside talking to them both. It was certainly a night to remember!

This 1964 Corvair was parked at an IHOP a few blocks from my office. The paper underneath the windshield wiper said it was for sale and it was gone the next day.

There’s a place called the Buttermilk Cafe that tends to draw CCs to its lot and on this overcast day, I found a Land Rover Defender with its non US licence plate and knew I had to get a picture.

I attend a camera club once a month and was nearly late because I had to walk all the way across the parking lot to see this bright orange Porsche 914. It has such an interesting shape!

I’m cheating a little bit with this Wagoneer, as it was found in Dallas. I was in town for a convention and recently fell off an electric scooter. It was a bad fall and even though I was making my way back to my car to bandage up my bleeding hand, I had to get a shot because these are my favorite Jeeps.

Up until this weekend, I had never seen a first gen 200 SX and was walking through a small storage facility when I saw this strange shape. A kid at the local burger joint had mentioned owning an “old Datsun” and I think this is what he meant! Love the hubcaps.

I’ve talked with the owner of this 1984 Oldsmobile Delta 88 a time or two, but never thought to stop for pictures until I passed it in the parking lot of a sporting goods store. It’s in rough shape, but is still driven daily by its owner and it always makes me smile when I see it around town.

Lastly, a hint for my next article. No, this isn’t my car but… it will play a big part in my next COAL! Until next time, this is Pioneer_Fox signing off.