Car Show Classic: 1935 Nash Aeroform – Picking Up On The Aero Era

(first posted 8/11/2017)      The Hupmobile feature from last week triggered for me a memory of seeing an American streamlined sedan that was a little similar.  I found this 1935 Nash that I saw two years ago at the Winton Historic race meeting.  The styling was perhaps even more streamlined and attractive at the rear…

… but it is not quite as advanced at the front from an aerodynamic sense, in that the headlamps are not faired into the bodywork.  The windshield is a flat single piece rather than having the angled side pieces of the Hupmobile.  Note that the doors open towards the centre rather than being hung on the central pillar.

The car was called the Advanced Six, and some of the features definitely bear this out, such as a key-operated steering column lock, and the starter operated by a switch under the clutch pedal, with a vacuum-operated cutout to prevent operation while the engine was running.

The 90-horsepower six had dual ignition with 12 spark plugs for better combustion, and the water pump was driven from the rear of the generator.  There were cable-driven windscreen wipers (driven from the engine), and the spring eyes were spring-mounted with four small coils for improved comfort.  Another idea I haven’t heard of anywhere else is the left and right brake cylinders are different sizes, so the wheels don’t lock up at the same time.

The 1930s were certainly quite a time!