CC Outakes: Kenworth Pacific School Coach


In a strange twist of the CC effect after seeing this post earlier today I went out and about and ran across this WIDE Whitewall wearing, retired School Bus.

The best I can tell it is one of the last of the buses to carry the Kenworth name. Pacific Car and Foundry, who had purchased Kenworth in 1944 from the Kent and Worthington families, sold the tooling and rights to this bus line to the Gillig Bros sometime in 1957 which has been covered here. It would have been powered by the famous IH RD450 gasoline 6cyl (Red Diamond 450 ci for those of you that aren’t IH nuts like me).



This bus and it’s Gillig successors were quite popular in the Pacific NW and many had long lives. This one appears to have been in use as a School Bus as recently as 2000 by the Washington State Patrol inspection sticker on the front window. In WA vehicles used to transport students must have their annual DOT inspection done by the State Patrol rather than the district or a private business. Based on the fading, it’s current livery was likely applied shortly after its retirement. I found it sitting in the parking lot of the Triple XXX Drive-in in Issaquah WA. It is filled with automotive and 50’s Rock & Roll Memorabilia and the site of a themed car show every weekend from April to September and quite a few in the other months.