CC Outtake: 1964 Studebaker Cruiser

I had not realized that I was starting Studebaker week here at CC, but since it seems to be rolling, it shall continue, at least for today.

Every time I go to South Bend, I look for Studebakers.  On my last trip, I came into town on a rainy Sunday afternoon.  This car was the first Stude to greet me as I approached the city.

The ’49 Land Cruiser may have been on  a trailer, but it was a pretty solid car that looked drivable with a minimum of effort, so it seemed worth the full CC treatment.  Although I had high hopes for this ’64, it was rougher up close than I expected.  Although the car is remarkably rust-free, the inside looks more like a storage place for interior parts than an interior, and I would be surprised if it is drivable.  While this may be more of a lawn ornament than a car, it is still the final Gen-U-Wine Studebaker, and merits at least an outtake.

It is my vow (mark it down here) to find a decent 64 Stude, the last of the South Bend-built models and my favorite Studebaker sedan after the ’49, on which to do a full CC treatment.   Until then, we will have to make do with this one.