CC Outtake: Corvair Greenbrier – Battered And Bondo’d, But You Bet It Still Hauls!


This past weekend I traveled to Portland with my FIRST FRC team to attend the Autodesk Oregon Regional. Since I was in Paul’s home state, I kept my eyes peeled for any genuine Oregon Curbside Classics I could capture. I did see a Box Panther every day, but they were on the road; also, I saw two Donks that were actually Donkeys,  but I figured not many people would be interested in them. I also came across a rare, two-door RAV-4 with the folding soft top, but I couldn’t stop to get a picture. When I came back by a few minutes later it was gone.


However, on the final day of the competition I came across something right up Paul’s alley: this Greenbrier. You can tell it is a genuine Oregon CC by the pollen and mold on the windows.



I found it in one of the Rose Quarter Parking garages, just on the other side of the staircase from where I’d parked when I ran out to grab something out of our car, and I knew I had to grab a few images to share.




At first I thought it was likely unrelated to the event I was attending, but when we went out to go to lunch I saw team members loading it up with robot parts and items from their pit.




In another strange twist of fate, I found a familiar vehicle at our lunch destination. Much like the Buforolla I had seen once again the second time we went to St. Louis for the World Championships, I saw this Dodge Van parked in about the same location where I saw it during my visit to Portland for last year’s event. It, too, seems to be in the same state in which I saw it last time, so I had to capture it to share. Since our team won the event, we are heading back to the World Championships for the third year in a row, and I’ll be sure to see to keep an eye out for Buforolla and note its current condition.

Which brings me to my soap box. I have to suggest that each and every one of you do your best to get out and check out an event near you, and once you’ve got the bug, find a local team to mentor you here. While it is nice if you are an engineer or programmer, teams need mentors to help teach kids basic skills like how to operate a screwdriver.

Full Corvair Greenbrier CC here