CC Outtake: Draggin’ Woodie Wagon – Ford Fairmont

A Ford Fairmont station wagon with fake wood panels probably would not be most people’s first choice of a drag racing platform but that is exactly what I recently came across.

However the more you think about it the more sense it might make. The Fairmont is built on an early Fox body platform which continued all the way to 1993. Crucially the Mustang also sat on the Fox body platform which means a dizzying array of aftermarket parts are available. While a Mustang might seem like a more obvious drag racing base car the Fairmont is a few inches longer and the wagon body style would place a few more pounds over the drive wheels.



I do not recall every seeing a station wagon with a full cage and parachute before. I assume the skinny rear wheels are on there are merely for getting on and off the trailer. Speaking of the trailer check out those neat rear light housings. The trailer appears to sporting Mustang rims as well.

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