CC Outtake – How About a Couple of Topless Swedes?


It has been downright frigid here in the midwestern U.S.  Record-breaking cold weather has had us all bundled up like, well, Canadians.  I figured that we could all use a little respite to remind us of what it is like to frolic in warmer weather.  Thus these nordic beauties that I photographed last summer.  Topless, no less.  All the better to show off their shapely figures.  We all know that there is nothing wrong with admiring these cuties wearing nothing above their beltlines.   They had better be careful, though – too much sun can do bad things to such soft (cow) skin.  Wait just a minute.  There are some sketchy-looking guys who stumbled in here after a Google search.  You guys are welcome to join us, but I think you were looking for something else – this website is about cars.

I’m back.  Those guys took off.  I wonder how they wound up here?   Anyhow, we don’t see too many of either one of these Scandinavians any more (at least not in Indiana), and they are almost never seen together.  Sort of like the northern European version of Fords and Chevys?  Even their headlight wipers go in opposite directions.  I will confess that this is not completely random, because I rode to lunch that day with the guy who owns the Volvo.  I have some other shots of his C70 (which is an interesting car) and plan to give it a full piece sometime.  But for now, let’s just take our minds off of the cold weather for a few minutes before heading back out with the shovel.