CC Outtake: Jeep Comanche A Unicorn In Australia

I had seen this Comanche pickup once before parked outside its 9-5 home, a Jeep/4×4 specialist parts supplier.  Now the XJ Cherokeee was only introduced here in 1994, unfortunately too late for any of the Comanches to have been slipped onto the boat with the wagons – and I’ve only ever seen one.

Life has taken me past the place again a couple of times, but I did not see it again, so you can imagine I was surprised and pleased to see it on my way home a few months back.  It looks to be the long bed version, and although I have no idea what driveline combination it has I think a 4wd 4.0 would be a sensible choice.

It is a shame that the timing didn’t work for the Comanche to be sold in Australia as I’m sure they would have been popular, perhaps we will find out with the upcoming Wrangler based pickup.  At least one person thinks that will be a good idea!