CC Outtake: Putting The Mini Back In Minivan

We seem to have a few minivans around here lately, so I may as well jump right on the bandwagon. My wife actually spotted this around town before I did. Knowing I like odd and unusual vehicles she tried to explain what she had seen as a short minivan, SUV hybrid. I honestly had no idea what she was talking about until I saw it myself. Seeing is believing, but her description didn’t exactly prepare me for this.

For those who thought the typical minivan was just not mini enough a local man had the solution. He took a Plymouth Voyager and cut the middle out to create a shorty van. I talked to the owner who said her husband basically removed the section where the siding door would go. I doubt it was that simple with door latches to be relocated and of course he had to sort brakes lines and such out as well. It seemed to be done extremely well with probably better than stock panel gaps and shut lines. She didn’t seem to have a real answer for the obvious “Why?” question, but said it was her daily driver and seemed to enjoy the attention it garnered. La Grande Petite is its name. She seemed quite sad when she mentioned the miles were racking up on it and it might not be around much longer. Unfortunately I haven’t seen it since.