CC Outtake: The Back Lot

As I have mentioned previously, there seems to always be something automotive related going on down here in the Birthplace of Speed. Often times that would be a car show or a cruise in, but not always.  A buddy of mine, Rick, who is also known at the Alfa guy, has a shop over on the mainland that is filled with vintage Alfa Romeos.  This Crosley pickup, which he received as a gift on his 14th birthday in 1965, is his shop truck.

Well, across the alley behind his shop is a storage lot which this olelongrooffan happens to accidentally drive by every few weeks just to see what is up.  After my nephew’s high school graduation yesterday, I thought I would pass by it and see what was to be seen.  Well, that Peugeot 505 Turbo Diesel was still there.  But the 55 Ford Panel Delivery must have been sold as it was removed thus exposing

a pair of rarely seen anymore Opel GTs.  However, I would suspect these rusting, once desirable, little GTs are normally powered, unlike another one mentioned previously.  And while I was bummed that 55 Panel Delivery slipped from my grasp, at least

that cool Travco is still around to entice my lust factor for all things old and totally impractical.