Curbside Outtakes: 1991 Oldsmobile 98 – Not Quite A Whale But Pretty Much Right

My brother moved to New York with his family last year. He’s been sending me many pics of his kids assimilating nooyawkese, and very occasionally the odd classic or two he comes across in his travels. This one popped out; a very familiar face to many of CC’s readers but I’ve never seen one in the metal.

So just to get prejudices out of the way, I love the GM whales. My favourite is the Buick wagon but I’d go a standard Chev sedan too. Except for those wheel(covers?).

But this isn’t a B-body, and I’m just not feeling the love. The proportioning that factors so significantly in the success of the Bs is absent here; too short, wonky wheelbase and slab sided.

But if I was going to live in New York, that is why this is exactly the sort of beater I’d own to park in the street.

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