CC Outtakes: A 1969-1972 Chevy Truck Lover Lives Here

CC 296 005 1200

Driving through the back roads of Creswell turned up that Renault 10, but there were a couple of other decent finds too. This house (or garage) is the home of some serious lovers of 1969-1972 Chevy trucks, although there’s a newish Ram in the driveway behind them. I can relate to the attraction, as they’re my favorite generation of the more recent Chevys, especially the ’71-’72 with the classic eggcrate grille. I think the one on the left has that, while the one on the right has a custom grille. But there’s more…

CC 296 007 1200

There’s a K5 Blazer too, which is of course just a shortened C10 with a fiberglass top.

CC 296 006 1200

With three of these, one wants to have ready spares at hand. There’s the parts truck, hiding under the bushes.