CC Outtakes: Graveside Classic — 1976 S&S Centennial Edition (Updated)


Recently, we participated in a community Haunted Forest during a fund-raising event for our Robotics club. On the night of our dress rehearsal, this hearse came rolling in to be parked in the graveyard. Unfortunately, because it was dark I couldn’t get any pictures or even see it very well.



The organizer wanted to show a movie to entertain the people waiting in line for the drive-in, so he sent out a call for a “classic car” that would serve as a projection booth. When I offered up my 1972 Travelall, the organizer said something like, “Huh…I’m not picturing it.” I explained that my IH was sort of like a Suburban, only way cooler. I told him to let me know and we left it at that. Over the next few nights I didn’t see the hearse at all, but last Saturday night, when we opened before dark for the less-scary family walk, I spotted it parked near the queue line.



From a distance, I’d pegged it as a ’76 model; however, it isn’t uncommon for professional cars to be re-bodied to look newer than they actually are, so I wasn’t sure it was a Centennial Edition. After I got a look, though, I was certain it was a 1976.



Walking around to the front confirmed that.



I also found these interesting badges on the front fender.



Naturally, it’s a little worse for wear from sitting outside in our wet climate.


It also didn’t escape a little customizing, with some blue dots in the taillights. I believe they’re from a Colonnade wagon.


Happy Halloween to all.


The question of how much does one of these monsters weigh led me to this car’s website, whose name is Rose, where it’s keeper states that it is one of 50 Centenial editions and only one of 10 with the extension table.