CC Outtakes: Jim, From On High

I’ve been trying to get CCognoscento jim to start writing his own pieces for CC. For one thing, his head is filled with fully-arcane automotive arcana. For another thing, he has taken literally thousands of photos of CCs.

No luck yet, but he will (in his own time) contribute directly to CC. So for now I will share some images he has taken from his office window.

First up is this 61 Dodge Polara. That colour is absolutely spot-on. Sort of a warmish oyster mink. Sort of. Sorry about the crop; this is as much as jim captured.

Another in a stunning hue, this Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn hitching a ride. For any fans of ‘The Castle’, note the carrier’s business name.

Alfa 105 coupe, in 2 litre guise. Not such an attractive hue, but there would be few colours that could actually make this shape look unattractive.

Ok, the rest of the cars are in white. Ford Falcon XP Hardtop.

And again. Nice lines on a variation of the Ford compact with modified Mercury front clip.

Porsche 911. Whale tail with a slight flare to the rear wheelarch, so probably a Turbo ‘tribute’.

As jim remarked when he sent this one; appropriate juxtaposition.

Best for last. Jaguar 420G. G for supermotherfrigginggorgeous.