CC Outtakes: Lancias By Night

Shooting at night with my cameraphone is a haphazard affair, but somehow I’ve managed to capture three nocturnal Lancias with some success. These shots aren’t technically correct or proficient, but in their distortion they bring their own flavour to the subject.

First up is a Fulvia Zagato. My memories of the 1970s and 1980s is that these were not uncommon, more evident on Melbourne’s streets than the factory coupe or even the sedan for that matter. The shape never really appealed, but it certainly falls into the mini-exotic classification.

Beta HPE. Again a relatively common sight both in coupe and estate form back in the day. My father was preparing to buy one of these back in 1980s, but by that time they had ceased production and he settled on an Alfasud Sprint instead, which he still owns.

One of my favourite shots. It’s a Flavia Coupe that lives around the corner, with just enough of its rear fender and roofline captured to be recognisable. I’ve seen this often from afar and it has always eluded my attempts to ensnare it for CC, except for this one time. That lovely blue appears to be original. Maybe one day I’ll get close enough…