CC Outtakes: Woody Wayfarer

Erstwhile Taswegian CCorrespondent Oldschool Gav has sent me pics of this lovely bundle of woodness. It’s a 1971 Valiant VG Wayfarer, with an applied finish that I don’t think came from the factory.

This body first appeared stateside as the ’67 Dodge Dart, before undergoing some cosmetic surgery down under. Then we called it a VE Valiant. Then we made a ute version. Then we changed the front clip for the VF. And then we changed the grille and headlights for the VG. But we kept the VE rear lights on the ute.

JohnH gives us a fuller rundown of these generations here.

Most of our Chryco utes were called the Valiant Wayfarer, although there was also a slightly more strippo’ed version called the Dodge ute. But that story is for another time.

Right now, sit back and enjoy this glorious example as it finds its own way back to nature.