CC Streetscape – Midwest Edition


We are treated to many shots of typical carscapes in Eugene, Oregon.  Today, for a change of pace, let us go to a different location – Lafayette, Indiana.  Do you notice a theme here?

I have been making frequent trips there to visit family and I pass this parking lot on the way to my destination.  It hit me that there was not a single foreign car in the parking lot.  Lafayette is a kind of a college town (Purdue University, which is across the river in West Lafayette) and is also the location of Subaru’s sole manufacturing plant in the U.S.  This building is, however, not terribly close to either of those places, where I would expect to see a more well-rounded selection.

Several hours after snapping the shot I looked more closely – the theme continues in the lot in the background, with a single exception – a VW New Beetle at the back by the CVS sign.  I cropped and enlarged on that area so that you can make them all out better.  And yes, that looks like a Chevy Uplander peeking out from the shrubbery back up the street.

For all those who wondered how GM, Ford, and Chrysler managed to stay around for so many years – it is in no small part because of buyers from small cities in the Midwest who continued to buy domestic stuff long after those on the coasts lost interest–right up to the present day, as the Chrysler 200 and Ford Fusion attest.