CC Rolling Outtakes: 1964 Buick Riviera and 1962 Dodge Custom 880 Convertible

While a bit overcast yesterday, it turned out to be a good day for CC-spotting while running errands in town. First up is this 1964 Buick Riviera that I quickly snapped as I was making a turn into Lowe’s. Turns out I could have waited, as the same car was filling up with gas at a nearby station when I came back out. Introduced in late 1962 as a ’63 model, the Riv’ initially used the 401 cu in (6.6l) “Nailhead” V8 as its standard engine. 1964 dropped this in favor of the 425 cu in (7.0l) V8, making 340 HP. The block letter BUICK badging on the rear of the ’63 was changed in 1964 to the script Riviera name.

Closer to home, I spotted this 1962 Dodge Custom 880 convertible ambling off a side street. The 880 was a stop-gap measure to hastily bring a full-size car to market after Dodge heard a rumor that Chevrolet was downsizing that year (the rumor referred to the Chevy II – other Chevrolets actually got a bit larger). Dodge of course had scrambled to downsize their entire lineup, leaving them hanging in left field when the 1962 Chevrolets were introduced. The Custom 880 was well received, despite having a truncated sales year, selling 17,500 units. It was created by combining the front clip from a modified 1961 Dodge Polara with the shaved rear quarter panels and passenger compartment from the Chrysler Newport.