Cohort Outtake: 1955 Bentley Continental Mulliner – A Fantasy Garage Winner, Guaranteed

1955 Bentley Mulliner 1951.2

(first posted 7/5/2015)   It was a quiet afternoon in the office, so a quick one round only game of Fantasy Garage seemed to fit right in. Which five cars would you have?

1955 Bentley Mulliner 1951.1

Being the Curbivore, my selection was little more eclectic than others. No souped up 911, Ferrari FXX, not even an E Type Jaguar. A Lamborghini Miura, McLaren F1, Citroen SM, 1966 Lincoln Continental 4 door convertible and a Bentley Continental.

“Oh, a Continental? You mean the latest Bentley Continental GT Speed?” “No, the 1955 Bentley Continental by Mulliner”. A quick Google and then a view of Don Andreina’s wonderful recent piece, and my suggestion was accepted as being better than the footballer’s special. Don’s piece actually looked in detail at the earlier (1952) Continental R-Type, and although visually very similar, the 1955 model was a new car, with a longer wheelbase and lower roofline.

1955 Bentley Mulliner 1951.3

This example was seen in central London and added to the Cohort by Hannes. This car will have a 4.9 litre, straight six engine, with a four speed automatic gearbox. And coachwork by Mulliner, worth looking at closely for the detail shapes.

1955 Bentley Mulliner 1951.4

So, a good day at the office.