Curbside Outakes: Where Did All The Whales Go……….To Seattle

As part of my new job as an official FIRST employee I found myself heading to Seafair to help set up our demo booth the other day. On the way there I happened to notice a Roadmaster wagon parked along the side of the busy arterial. I chalked it up to one of those rare B sightings, but didn’t stop to take a picture. On my way home, I was thirsty from working in the heat, at least what we call heat in the Pacific NorthWEsT. I passed an old-school neighborhood grocery store, that I called upon in a previous life as a salesman, so I went around the block to find someplace I could park, and what did I see but yet another Roadmaster.

Then two cars down there was another, and yet another. So after getting something to quench my thirst I knew I had to document this pod, so I went around the block the other way to get some pictures for our readers.

The final one in the line of this particular Buick hoarder’s collection actually has flames on the hood, in all their DiNoc glory.

The next day I had to help staff the booth, so I swung by and grabbed the feature photo. Once I made it to the parking lot for companies and exhibitors what do I find but yet another Roadmaster wagon. This one was the best in condition overall but the owner disgraced it with Chevy Rally wheels, something I’m sure Junqueboi will agree with. So five B’s in two days; but not just any, but five of the most desirable of all Whales, at least to this Panther lover.