Getting Passed On the Left By A – – Lincoln Blackwood?


Sometimes I pass cars, sometimes they pass me.  I check my mirrors and watch traffic.  I certainly would not want to change lanes into that Navigator.


Wait – this is no Navigator.  It’s a Lincoln Blackwood.  This may be the first one of these I have ever seen.  According to Wiki, these were sold only as 2002 models in the U.S.  I guess that narrows it down for an ID of the year.


It’s a shame his tailgate isn’t open to allow a view of the stainless steel inner bed.  Some people . . . .


The article also says that Lincoln built a grand total of 3,356 of these over a fifteen month production run.  It is not often that I get passed by 3/10 of a percent of a vehicle’s entire production run all at once.  But then, it’s Lincoln Week, isn’t it.