Images From My Dream Garage(s)


Every once in a while you need some quiet time away from your responsibilities in the world to reflect, recharge, renew.

It’s too bad when you live right in the middle of the biggest city in the country. But then you realize in all the commotion there are still places barely frequented, protected from the outdoors, cathedrals of a cool and mostly quiet solitude. And if I find those 15 minutes of quiet time every once in a while I try to bring back a few images from those Berlin dream garages.


The E12 stands to me as the most beautiful 5 series. It has the most delicate lines, and when it features the strange baby six M30 and Munich historic plates, it surely must be dream, and in good company, too!


The quality is not good on this image, but these Harlekin Polos (only 3806 examples produced!) have really been the ancestor of the now emergent VW Harlequin trend that’s become quite the social media phenomenon lately!


Yes, this a a US spec Audi 100! I’d love to know how it ended up in Berlin-Kreuzberg. And these Lada Nivas (still in production) have enjoyed quite the following here, lately.

The SL isn’t parked correctly I believe.


One of the last BXs in Berlin.


The read leather interior was rarely ordered in Germany, probably deemed too flashy.


The true gem of this post must be this Fiat Uno Turbo i.e. (Not that a Ford Capri is exactly common)

I must be 20 years since I had last seen one.


An unusual method for theft protection.


I didn’t like this design when it came out, but now that they have become so rare, I can begin to see how the Prelude is one of the best proportioned FWD coupes.

BIG and BAD – A transatlantic friendship.


Elder statesman from France.

Maybe this is his secretary.

Waiting for the sun to come out.


Maybe the most beautiful of the BMW convertibles?


My kind of sleeper.


The most underrated Fiat.


These old Mercedes feel right at home in the lower levels.

The T3 has enjoyed quite some popularity here in the last couple of years.