In Motion Outtakes: Missed It By That Much


Just a quick reminder about the Motorclassica meetup in Melbourne (Vic, Aus) this Friday 21 October. Before we check out the cars we’re having lunch at Carmine’s at 234 Lygon St from 12:30 (booking is under ‘Curbside Classic’ – please bring cash to avoid split-bill grief), so come along even if you’re not much of a commenter. We’re all camera-shy so you won’t be thrust into the CC limelight.

Anyway, onto the article. I have gathered up a selection of missed-it-by-that-much moments for the fun of it. First up, a partial view of a Jaguar E-type.


Rover P5B Coupe with what looks like front passenger door slightly ajar.


Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow with ugly later-series rubber bumpers indicating better steering and the 6.75 litre version of the V8.


At the other end of the luxury spectrum, a Citroen 2CV.


Go-faster red might not hasten the Citroen, but it does help quicken the pulse with this Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV.


I prefer these GTVs to the previous shape, but not in the latter series (even if it does have the 2.5 litre V6 as this one does). Nope, gimme an underpowered chrome-bumper version of this body anyday.


I never, ever, ever, ever see Fiat 127s over here, and this one popped up as I was shooting an old (common-as-muck) F-series pickup. I just had time to swing my body around 180 degrees and press the virtual shutter-release button on the touchscreen.


More common than the 127, but now too precious for everyday driving, is an LH or LX Holden Torana SLR 5000.


Ahhhh… living large in a gold Eldo…


I’ll need some help identifying this one’s make and date.


Whereas this one is a bit easier to date, thanks to the number plate.


The 69s and 70s look much the same when you don’t have the nosecone for guidance. Again, I’ll leave this to the CCognoscenti but I’m guessing 1970.


This one had the black plastic grille and IIRC rectangular headlights, if that’s any help.


A T1 pulling hipster duties.


And a G-series pulling yupster duties.


I’ve seen quite a few 928s lately. And that’s not a bad thing.


Best for last. I’ve really started to take to the C2 shape, and this beautiful example with those turbine-like wheel(covers?) was a real miss. Oh well, it’s around and I’m around, some maybe one day we’ll be around again at the same time. Until then…