Non-Vintage B&W Film Snapshots: Neighborhood Finds During Covid

I shot these pictures no more than 1.5 miles from my house while driving around so you may see part of my car in a few. Yes, I shot all of them in B&W.First was the 1st Gen Nova which is the best I can do since I don’t often get into the minor details especially with GM cars.

Next a 1966 Ford Fairlane and would say a rare sighting but then I saw two last year.

A 1956 Ford Victoria and this is a rare sighting as it has been many decades.

I’m going with a 1965 Beetle and still some around.

Going with 1984 Corolla and pretty much all gone.

Going out on a limb, 1997 Taurus. Around 2017 saw few of this Gen on the road while Pick ‘n Pull was packed with them. Then bam! Gone from Craigslist by the middle of 2019. For car years, versus dog years, disappearing in 19-20 years is pretty darn fast given the quantity built especially since the 3.0 Vulcan can go 300,000 miles. Yet everyone in the junkyard was under 200,000 miles. So that leaves the  transmission.

To be honest I have no idea since it looks so nondescript

Another GM car and I’ll go with 1970 Cutlass

Here is a true unknown to me

I did a story on this 1961 Caddy but I always saw it like this under a cover

1966 Chevrolet C10. There is a very nice driver in the town where my office is. See it almost every month as the owner uses it for his business.

1998 Chevrolet Camaro is my guess and hardly ever seen outside of the one in my nephews garage.

1998 Ford Escort and I never saw many of these when new.

That is all for this roll of film as the rest was used on another subject. For those interested the camera used was a Minolta X-570 and the Minolta 35-70mm F4.0 zoom shooting expired (2005) Agfa APX 100