Neighbourhood Classics, 2022 Edition

It has been a strange year of weather here in Vancouver. We really didn’t have a spring and went to summer in one day. Anyway, with better weather, the classics are coming out. Seeing old Ford truck across from a Bentley is kind of a Vancouver thing.

This Corsica showed up in the wintertime. It replaced the 1985 Civic I featured here last year. It is a Westcoast granny-mobile, judging by the BCAA 25 year membership sticker on the back. Typical for these parts, there is not a speck of rust on this 30 year old car.

This Cadillac Fleetwood is parked near my gym, Hillcrest Centre if anyone wants to look. The owner obviously loves it. Note the yellow stripe tires, which are super cool in my opinion.

Who doesn’t go all gaga over a gen 1 Civic? These are really rare and this is the first one I have seen in years. It has been restored and it is not quite stock. Even here, these things were rust-buckets.

In the “You never know what you will find,” category is this former Canadian Armed Forces VW Iltis. These were procured in the late 1970’s as a light scout car. They were a direct development of the DKW Munga.  My soldier buddy of the era said the Iltis was unpopular due to its small size.

Who doesn’t love a Rambler American convertible? This car is 100% original and stock.

This is another famous Westcoast granny-wagon, a rather early Tempo. It is being driven by a young medical student, with whom I had a short chat about the car. It was bought new by her late grandmother, who passed in 2020.

Finally, there is a shorty Chevy van (love the sound of “shorty Chevy”) parked not far from my home. It is a “van life” dwelling for a young construction work,  who is working on the Broadway subway extension.

All my pics are taken in close proximity of Vancouver General Hospital should anyone wish to see the area. There is a large number of young medical students at the hospital, which accounts for the classics. When one adds hospital visitors, there is always a CC to be seen on my morning Lola walk.

Although I realise this isn’t Dogside Classic, I thought I would add a bit about hounds. Bagel the Wonderdog is now pushing 13 years old. She doesn’t like climbing mountains or long walks anymore, so in 2020, I rescued Lola from a shelter in Qatar. She was semi-wild when I got her but she become a lovely dog.