Neighbourhood Classics, Summer 2022 Edition


After a typically slow start, we’ve had some nice summer weather in Vancouver. This has left plenty of time for car spotting, so without further ado:

I can’t remember the last time I saw a first generation Sunbird. Pontiacs were always popular in Canada and that extended to the Sunbird, which was always more loved in Canada than its Cavalier cousin.

This lovely MG looks to be a 1973 model with the hideous bumper thingies. I guess we have to give the owner credit for keeping them in place. I would have tossed them on day one.

This Buick Park Avenue was my go-to cheap car a dozen years ago, along with the LeSabre. There are scant few left around here. They are not really old enough to have collector appeal and too old to daily.

What a lovely little BMW 325i. These are what BMW cars should be in my opinion. Tidy, good handling and an excellent motor. I consider today’s Golf a worthy successor.

This Micra isn’t a classic by any means. I included it to demonstrate the C$10,000 car actually exists. This family in fact has two of them, both manuals. I’ve seen more than a few of them around Vancouver but the last time I was back in Quebec, they were everywhere. Cheap little cars as winter beaters abound in Quebec.

This is a lovely 2003 Acura TL. I had a 2000 TL for six years and I just loved it, except for its prodigious thirst. The 2003 cheaped out on the headlights, losing the HID lights of the previous models. For a car  that was supposed to have disastrous transmissions, there are still plenty of them around.

This 911 Targa is the piece de resistance. It was parked right in front of my home and I haven’t seen it since.

So ends our Neighbourhood Classics 2022 Summer Edition. It’s time to start looking out for the next edition.