CC Road Trip: A Mopar Drenched Day at the Office


When Tom emailed recently proposing Mopar week, I thought it was a terrific idea.  But then worry struck as I thought I may not have much to contribute.

I tend to forget how Mopar rich it is around here.

Since it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere, I have a lot of field work this time of year.  It’s a good thing I carry the camera as I would have never captured this ’69 Fury  – or any of these others.  The tarp sure makes it look like one of the 5,708 convertible Fury’s built that year in the Fury III and Sport Fury trim levels.


For some reason, the theme song from The Brady Bunch went through my head; if one can defragment a computer to purge the garbage, why can’t one defragment their brain?


The Fury does have a good playmate, but this isn’t Mercury week.


In front of the garage was this Plymouth.  The decal on the trunk lid sure looks like it says “Road Runner”.


This Road Runner had a sibling on TV, also.


Being pretty tickled about seeing the Fury and Road Runner, about four miles down the road this was peeking out from the trees.


Let’s get those trees out of the way.  A shape like this needs to be seen.

What joy!  Not only was it a fuselage body Chrysler, it was a two-door!  And it appeared to be a Newport.


Getting a better look, a smile suddenly spread across my face.  A 1971 Newport wanted to see me; are the automotive gods saying these are my automotive soul mate?  We have full CC’s on a 1968 Newport (here) and a 1981 Newport (here).


Continuing on, thinking my cup of good fortune was running over, more Mopar goodness was awaiting me – and in black, my favorite automotive color!  This ’49 Plymouth sure looks like it’s raring to go – whether it runs or not.  This has to be the car K.T. Keller had in mind when he said Chrysler didn’t make cars to pee over.


Imagine my delight when a second black Mopar was eagerly anticipating my arrival.  A base model 1960 Chrysler Windsor (pre-Newport), it was not leaning so much as sitting on a hill.


This old Chrysler looks a little rough around the edges, but still appears ready for action.  Despite it sporting wire wheel covers from an ’80’s era Fifth Avenue, this chariot still looks sweet.  This was the most popular Chrysler model by far in 1961 with just over 25,000 being built.  I wonder how many are left?


The last car to jump in front of my camera was somewhat captive – I found it at a Chrysler dealer.  The front row of the dealer is literally about 10′ from the edge line of the highway!


This Cranbrook was the top trim level for model year 1951 and 1952.  With a dash of patina in progress (Junior Patina?) on the hood, it was nearly the same height as the Dodge Durango parked next to it.


It looks great inside and out.  It even has a favorite – a three speed on the column.

It certainly looks like I had no need to fret as I found all of these on the same day.  All these old Chrysler products were just waiting for their moment in the sun!