CC Road Trip: That’s the Way the Fords Are in Texas

1981 Mercury Cougar_1998-2000 Ford Contour Cleveland TX

Given the relatively rust-free climate in southeast Texas, one sees fewer old cars out and about than one might think. I put it down to the hot, humid summers; no matter how attached one might be to their vintage wheels, having non-working A/C (or none at all), when it’s 95 degrees with 80% humidity, tends to take some of the fun out of motoring. Thus, non-collectible vehicles may tend to get junked when one can no longer advertise ‘Ice Cold Air’ to prospective buyers, while the collectible ones tend to show up mostly during the winter and early spring weekends.

Nevertheless, if one keeps his or her eyes open, there are rewarding finds to be made around the region. This time around we’ll look at some Fords (and a couple of Mercurys) spotted within the triangle roughly defined by Houston, Victoria and San Antonio. Leading off is an odd couple of a rectilinear ’81 Mercury Cougar (with inevitable blingster rims) and a flounder-faced 2000 Ford Contour, both found on a used-car lot in Cleveland, TX.

1939 Ford Pickup Kenedy TX 120223

Smack dab in the middle of the booming Eagle Ford shale oil play is the little town of Kenedy, TX, where this tasty ’39 Ford pickup was found on a side street. About the only things that give away the actual date are the license plate and windshield stickers.

1946 Ford Coupe Harwood TXAnother evocative shot: a ’46 Ford coupe found along US 90 near Harwood, TX. It appears to have been mildly hot-rodded in a style appropriate for the period.

1955 Ford Alvin TX

Automotive advertising along Highway 6 in Alvin, TX. After seeing another mid-’50s Ford sedan pulling similar duty in Winslow, AZ, I’m beginning to detect a trend. Judging from the color scheme, someone must be fond of Good ‘n’ Plenty candies.

1957 Forde Thunderbird

The ’57 Thunderbird’s driver was inside the shop, upgrading his cell phone, when I got the shot. Rayford Road, the Woodlands, TX.

1963-67 Ford Falcon Club Wagon Victoria TX

This sharp-looking early ’60s Falcon (Econoline) Club Wagon was spotted on the south side of Victoria, TX. The aftermarket wheels look pretty good on this one.

1965 Ford Galaxie 500 Victoria TX

Next to the Club Wagon was an equally gorgeous ’65 Galaxie 500. The dished mags I could do without, but the rest is fine.

1966 Ford Thunderbird Edna TX

1966 is not my favorite year for Thunderbirds, but there are far worse. Found, I believe, in Edna, TX, near Victoria.


Not sure anyone really misses the ’75-’77 Granada all that much, but this one is in very good overall condition. Location is a back alley in downtown El Campo, TX.

1978-80Mercury Monarch Louise TX

On the same day and only a few miles away, a Mercury Monarch, sister to the Granada, turned up as well. The square headlights mark it as somewhere in the ’78-’80 range.

1978-82 Ford Courier Shiner TX

When was the last time you saw an intact Ford Courier, the Mazda-based truckette that preceded the Ranger? Spotted in Shiner, TX, near the locally-famed brewery of the same name.

1988-91 Mercury Grand Marquis Conroe TX 11 May 12

The last rattling gasp of the Great Brougham Epoch, in the form of an ’88-’91 Mercury Grand Marquis. The area around Conroe, TX, where this shot was taken, seems to be something of an enclave for early Panthers.

51 Ford convert

We close with this shot taken along US 90 near Waelder, TX in May of this year. Nice day for a back-road wander. Cheers.