CC Scavenger Hunt: Find That Dealership!

11-29 and 11-30 2013 032 (800x555)1973 Chrysler-Plymouth

As some of you know, I have a sizable car brochure collection. Recently, I had the idea that it might be fun to look at the addresses of the dealerships these came from and see if they are still there, or long gone, or selling Kias instead. But wait! Let’s let the Commentariat in on this. So I have photographed a variety of different brochures, like this one from Learner’s Sales and Service. Learner’s was in my hometown, and lasted in their ’60s style building until about 2000, when Courtesy Nissan-Jeep bought them out. But I certainly don’t know the fates of most of the other dealers further down.

11-29 and 11-30 2013 022 (800x533)1987 Oldsmobile Toronado, 88, 98 and Custom Cruiser

So, here’s the deal. I could have researched all of these and just told you what became of them. But I decided it would be fun to make it interactive. So, for those of you so inclined, check out these addresses, and through the power of the internet (remember how overused that term was in the late ’90s?), report back here in the comments.

11-29 and 11-30 2013 023 (800x618)1973 Ford Torino

I will give you hints below each picture as to the year and make of car being featured in the brochure, though some are pretty easy to figure out, like this one.

11-29 and 11-30 2013 024 (800x425)1978 Plymouth Volare

So many dealerships in the country. And like restaurants, they are a tough business. Some survive and thrive for decades, some remain with the descendants of the original founder, some get bought out by multi-state conglomerates, and some go bust.

11-29 and 11-30 2013 025 (800x533)1977 Plymouth Gran Fury

Some marques go bust too, resulting in the dealer taking on other lines. Kimberly C-P for instance (also in my neck of the woods), lost Plymouth, but now also sells Dodges–a result of the Great Dealer Cull of ’09. My dad bought a brand-new Jeep Grand Cherokee Orvis Edition there in the early spring of ’95.

11-29 and 11-30 2013 026 (800x533)1979 Cadillac

You will see a lot of Cadillac brochures here–testament to my love of old land yachts. And Cadillac went great guns through the very early ’80s, so there were many dealerships around–and brochures handed out.

11-29 and 11-30 2013 027 (800x533)1976 Chevrolet Vega

So, let’s see what turns up. I am interested in finding out what happened to these dealers! So, check them out, report back and–most important of all, have fun!

11-29 and 11-30 2013 028 (800x533)1977 AMC

11-29 and 11-30 2013 029 (800x566)1982 Volvo

11-29 and 11-30 2013 030 (800x514)1976 Volvo

11-29 and 11-30 2013 031 (800x494)1975 Volvo 164E

11-29 and 11-30 2013 033 (800x533)1975 Cadillac

11-29 and 11-30 2013 034 (800x533)1973 Cadillac

11-29 and 11-30 2013 035 (800x533)1976 Cadillac

11-29 and 11-30 2013 036 (800x547)1974 Mercedes-Benz

11-29 and 11-30 2013 038 (800x533)1984 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham and de Villes