CC TV: A Relatively Large Dodge Dart Relative

Dodge advertised their new 1963 Dart as “a compact in the large economy size”. Clever! But how big is “large”? And how small is “compact”? Those are relative terms, not absolute ones, so context matters.

Here’s a second-generation (1970-’75; this one appears to be a ’72-’75 model) Spanish-built Dart—a 3700GT—being parked in a very tight garage with a very narrow backdown driveway walled in on both sides. The car’s dimensions are similar to those of the home-market ’67-’76 Dart, with the same 111-inch wheelbase. But there’s less of Spain than there is of North America, so lots of things—including most cars, and most parking spaces—are proportionally smaller.

The “Clenk!” every time the Torqueflite hits Reverse brings a smile to recall many such clenks have I heard from the driving seat at curb idle, plus the bigger bangs (and greater urgency to a firm foot on the brake) with a cold engine’s fast idle. The driver’s obviously done this before and knows what he’s doing. No beeping park-assist nor any camera view, but he manages the whole dance without hitting anything. I wouldn’t want to be trying to breathe in that enclosed space for awhile, but neither would I want to try parking this car in that grudge!

The movie was posted in 2008, and he carried on doing a fine parking job in the long run, as it seems; here’s the same car in the same garage with much nicer 2019 video quality: