CC TV: Pickup Advertising in the 1980’s

Time for a helping of great pickup ads from twenty five years ago. They present the time-honored question: Ford, Dodge, Chevy or GMC?

This is perhaps one of the more memorable pickup commercials made in the 1980’s. Given it was by perennial underdog Dodge, and likely done in one take, adds to the appeal of it:

Ford, too, was hard at work climbing mountains during the 1980’s. Stay tuned for the second half as Chevrolet provides a rebuttal.

Note how Ford advertised its aerodynamics and it’s standard 300 cubic inch straight six in a 3/4 ton.

While arguably the most blunt of the lot, I am going to speculate this last commercial never aired. I am also going to speculate it is a response to the Chevrolet commercial seen above. You may want to turn the volume down – some ‘blue’ language is present!